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Personalized Roam iPad Booth Stand Machine For Sale

On the basis of realizing the miniaturization of photo booth machine, RCM129PRO iPad roaming booth stand further adds more commercial features to facilitate the photobooth lessor to highlight the commercial information in the event or provide more personalized services for their clients, by the lcd screen stand or led light box stand showing videos or pictures.

Product Detail

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Parameters RCM129PRO
Height 166 CM
Front Width 50.5 CM
Side Width (with base) 50.5 CM
Head Weight 5.5 KG
Light Box Weight 7.4 KG
Base Weight 3.2 KG
Head Case Size L 58.5 CM * W 58.5 CM * H 15 CM
Stand Case Size L 120 CM * W 27 CM * H 15 CM

Product Structure

Product Structure (4)

Product Structure

Symphony Of Lighting Effect
RCM129PRO roaming iPad photo booth comes with a large colorful ring light. The led light has different color mode and can adjust the light brightness, making the iPad booth more attractive.



Personized Stand Design
This photobooth has two stand, one is the light box stand and the other is the lcd screen stand. The lightbox stand supports the placement of business advertising drawings inside to display personalization. The lcd screen stand has more complete functions, not only can you import pictures and videos for display, you can also separate the screen to further highlight personalization.

Support 360 Degrees Shooting
It can adjust the direction of the round roaming part of the photobooth through the large screws on both sides of the U-shaped bracket to meet the needs of different users.



Support Mobile Power Expansion
Considering the power supply problem when used outdoors, we specially designed a structure on the back of thr round roaming part, which can be used for mobile power expansion. So you don't have to worry about missing the power supply or the power cord is too short.

Roaming Usage Available
In addition to the standing use, RCM129PRO ipad booth shell can also be used hand-held, as well as with a strap extension. And it comes with two free straps in the package.


Package Options

Basic Set
Round Sheet Metal Parts
Frosted Acrylic Lampshade
U-shaped Bracket
RGB Symphony Of Lights
Sheet Metal Light Box or LCD Screen
Matte Acrylic Transparent Advertising Panel
Three White Light Strips
Sheet Metal Base
1 Year Support

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