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Factory Custom Touch Overlay Kit 26″ 37″ 40″ 58″ 60″ 75″ 84″ Multi IR Touch Frame

Infrared touch screen is a newly developed economical product.It has own research and development procedures,the latest algorithm,high cost performance,10-point touch and other characteristics,can meet various customization needs.

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Product Advantages

Pure plane structure,excellent craftsmanship,slim design,shell thickness 8mm,streamlined shape.
3mm tempered glass coverage can deal with violence impact easily,protects liquid crystal device better.
LED tube core,stable performance,high touch precision,long life time.
USB interface,plug and play,easy to install,maintenance free,wear-resistant,Sunlight-proof.
Versatile touch object,super transparency,integrated controller.
Support gesture,operable in various light conditions,indoor and outdoor.

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Product Details

Aluminum alloy shell,strong,durable,not rusty,industrial aluminum alloy stretch forming and surface is made of high temperature black metal powder spraying process,not easy to fall off and lose color.Advanced chip,LED infrared receiving tube,aluminum alloy plug,free of driver.The USB recognition time prompts 3 times,transmission speed 480Mbps.

Technical Parameter

Product Name: Infrared Touch Screen
Touch Pressure: Zero
Touch Points: 10 Points
Material: Aluminium Frame+ Tempered Glass
Transparency: >92%
Touch Resolution: 32768*32768
Input Method: Finger or Touch Pen
Response Speed: <10ms
Touch Object: >7mm In Diameter
Operating Voltage: DC 5V ±5%
Operating Current: <200mA
Interface: USB,plug an play
About Noies: No Noies
Transmission Speed: 480Mbps
Operating Temperature: –15°C to 55°C
Storage Temperature: –40°C to 70°C
Durability: Unlimited Touches
Sunlight-proof: Support
Warranty: 1 Year
Certificates: CE,FCC,RoHS
Operation: Windows,Android,Linux,Mac

Product Applications

Ticket machines
Advertising machines
Self-service inquiry machines
Bank ATM machines
Industrial control equipment
Touch tables

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